International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand



Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends!
The main goal of IFSSH should be to become an organization of ALL hand surgeons of the World!

The role of the President and all IFSSH officers is to serve and deserve this organization which has trusted us with this position. We cannot be humble enough to subordinate all our activities to the main goal of promoting hand surgery all around the World.

Even with the most enthusiastic and revolutionary ideas and plans we must continue respecting our traditions, our history, our values, our giants and pioneers!

In my opinion the major role of the president of IFSSH is to build an inclusive community, open to everybody interested in hand surgery, and not an exclusive restricted club! One of the main goals of the IFSSH should be to use the enormous knowledge and experience of the “traditional”, “old”, “developed”, “wealthy” societies in order to teach, educate and help those who are in an economically, socially, historically and/or geographically “not so lucky” part of the world.

The enormous intellectual and financial potential of IFSSH should be used for the unique acceptable purpose: the better outcome of our patients!Not only helping to further educate those who would like to learn, but helping to teach those who can and who want to teach should be a major priority of IFSSH.The most important part of our everyday activity is treating our patients - this can be done on a standardized high level only by increasing the “scientific” activity of our members, of our societies, of our Federation.

Better communication with our member societies is the key to the success. We should organize and focus our activities and priorities based on the needs of our members. This can be done only if there is clear and effective communication among us. For this to occur, the role of the national delegates should increase. Delegates should be aware of their responsibilities in order to communicate between their society and the officers of IFSSH.

Involving young interested colleagues in our activities is the guarantee of the continuity of our Federation! The open mind, the enthusiasm the receptivity of our young colleagues is as important as the experience and knowledge of our older members. Offering fellowships, and easily accessible courses and workshops should be one of the priorities of our Federation.

All of these goals, duties and tasks should be achieved in a friendly, positive, democratic atmosphere where the leading idea should be the reciprocal respect of the others.Collaborating with other organizations, federations, and scientific societies is essential. I think that if we respect others, then others will respect us.

We are not in a hurry, no-one is running, and we do not want overnight revolutions but we must be careful to avoid the excessive bureaucracy, the overregulation and the “l’art pour l’art” actions.

I am convinced if myself and the IFSSH officers act in the spirit of the above mentioned goals, and the members of IFSSH will make efforts to communicate and collaborate with us, it will be easy to achieve our main goal: to promote and improve hand surgery all around the world!

Zsolt Szabo
IFSSH President, 2016-2019

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